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March Madness is Democratic Socialism

One of America's Happy Times — NCAA March Madness — what a great time of year! How many of you like the NCAA college basketball tournament? Do you realize March Madness is an example of Democratic Socialism?

March Madness and Democratic Socialism

NCAA March Madness is Wonderful; It's also Democratic Socialism

Many love the tournament because a small, unknown team can slay a national powerhouse. Others like to see various schools and communities represented. They like the bands, cheer and drill teams, youthful energy and school spirit.

Over the decades, the sport has grown: today more athletes are involved, more fans, more schools, more diversity ... and, more profits than ever before! Everybody is winning!

Does March Madness make you happy? Welcome to Democratic Socialism. Players (labor) receive the same compensation ... scholarship, room & board, small stipend [socialism]. Players and schools compete for pride -- not profit. Universities (owners) must share revenues with others schools. They are limited in scholarships and what they can offer players. [socialism]

In this example, the NCAA is the "federal government." Conferences represent "state governments." Together, they form a capitalist-socialist enterprise. Profits are spread out -- ensuring small schools can compete against larger ones. Talent is spread out -- preventing monopolies or oligopolies in competition -- more teams, more players, more opportunity for all.

TV and corporate sponsors still make billions [capitalism]. Universities still make millions. More players are involved today than ever in history. Socialism does not harm profits or growth. Most importantly, people are HAPPY. Whether the trill of victory or agony of defeat, people are HAPPY. We focus on family, schools and community. This is what really matters.

The nation of Denmark is an example of Democratic Socialism. They are the HAPPIEST people on the planet.

Bernie Sanders is a Democratic Socialist. Are you happy with our government, economy and conditions in America? Maybe it's time to ‪#FEELTHEBERN.

Make America Happy Again!