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On Tue Dec 4, 3:22, Alexis Bonogofsky, bonogofsky AT, wrote:
We need a website to educate the public and communities in the Powder River Basin (MT & WY) on the myriad of environmental threats to the region (coal bed methane, coal, air pollution, climate change, water shortage, drought) etc. This is totally environmental education, not advocacy. Pictures, maps etc. Similar to Valle Vidal website.

I am currently writing a grant for this project and loved the Valle Vidal website that you developed. I'm inquiring about what the development of a similar site would cost so I could add it into my grant proposal budget. I loved the Valle Vidal site and thought you guys did a great job.


Dear Alexis,
Thank you for your efforts to save our planet and thanks as well for the compliments about our work.

Scott Goold, director


On Thu Mar 29, 8:34, timothy murray, timothy1murray1 AT, sent:
Who gave you the right to say What I do with MY body? I don't smoke myself but if I wanted to know who are YOU to stop me? In a free civilization people should be free to do to themselves as they please. I won't however argue with not smoking in public, but from your website it looks like you want to outlaw smoking outright and to that I say MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS.

Hello Timothy,
We're not sure what you read on our website that gave you that impression. We DEFINITELY do not advocate for smoking prohibition. We believe ADULTS have the right to take risks -- and smoking is a risk. We believe adults have the right to bungie jump, parachute from a plane, scuba dive, ride a bike, etc. Many of these activities can result in injury or death, as can smoking. In fact, we are strong advocates for an end to marijuana prohibition.

On the other hand, we believe kids should be protected. We do not believe they should be targeted by BIG BUSINESSES hoping to entice them to smoke or chew tobacco, drink alcohol, or experiment with illicit drugs. Our work has focused on these areas. The tobacco industry lied for decades about the dangers of smoking and they still target kids. We also work to end smoking in enclosed and indoor spaces. We respect an ADULT's right to smoke, but equally respect an ADULT's right not to smoke. We agree with you completely about secondhand smoke.

Thanks for contacting us. We're here to have open and honest discussions with Americans -- of all ages. Please send us the link to the page(s) where you feel we're advocating for smoking prohibition. We may need to modify our language.

Best wishes.
Scott Goold, director

p.s. Regarding what we can do with our bodies... we also support a woman's right to choose her reproductive health. We also believe we should have the option to choose euthanasia, which is the right to die respectfully if one is terminally ill, sick or diseased (as we all would do with our favorite dog or cat). The people who oppose these issues are right wing conservatives who vote Republican! Remember that when the next election rolls around.


On Mon Oct 15, 4:28, dee sutton, dsutton AT, sent:
Liberals control our lives in lifting up poverty. The ones in the middle pay for it. You sentence people to death daily worse then the Republicans. You just don't see your behavior. Do not remember 911 and the 3,000 people who died as they the terrorist attacked big business, the pentagon and one plane ended up in a field? I took that personally and I don't know about you. Are you that out to lunch to think if we don't secure this oil then what will America run on? You are a very ignorant. And I hope this recession disables the unions so badly that people don't have jobs and they're in my boat without health care. You need to look at the facts, as I get the material from the Bush website and I watch c/span.
Best wishes,

Hello Dee,
We appreciate that you took the time to contact our organization. One of the greatest aspects about American society is our large middle class. This is not an accident. Most economists will tell you that New Deal programs, "liberal" initiatives that followed the Great Depression, such as Social Security have helped create our middle class. Exponential health care costs and other family expenses are now threatening our standard of living -- and our democracy.

Historically, unions also added to the growth of America's middle class. Yet how many families struggle today to survive while both parents work 40 hours per week or more? The percent of union jobs decreases every year. By working together, unionized workers won fair wages, good health care plans, and sufficient retirement programs to provide for their Golden Years.

And, yes, we remember 9/11 vividly as do most Americans. Iraq had nothing to do with that tragic day. Usama bin Laden's group has many issues with America's foreign policy. Bin Laden is a Saudi. These people live under a king. As the world's largest democracy, our nation helps to ensure Saudi Arabia remains a monarchy. Why do we do this? Shouldn't we champion freedom around the world? It appears we are willing to assist dictators and kings if they promise us cheap oil.

Rather than invading Iraq, possibly to secure oil as you suggest, we could have spent the nearly $1,000,000,000 (ONE TRILLION DOLLARS) to develop new sources of renewable energy. Our current president refuses to ask citizens to conserve energy. This threatens the safety of all America.

Let me give you some general background information. The world currently produces about 85 million barrels of oil per day. We, the United States, use about 21 million barrels of oil per day. That's about 25 percent of the total. Yet we are only four percent of the world's population. As nations like China and India mature economically, they will demand increasing amounts of oil. There will only be more wars over oil -- unless we act now to decrease our addiction.

InfoImagination believes the Unites States of America represents one of the greatest social experiments in the history of the world. We believe this nation has the brain power, ingenuity, and business sense to once again lead the world to a better future. The only thing missing is the political will.

You seem to be extremely angry. We ask you to join us and take personal responsibility for your (our) future. We can have better paying jobs; we can have decent health care that is affordable for ALL Americans; we can move beyond our addition to oil; and we can champion freedom for all the people around the world. Do you care enough to care? Join us!

Scott Goold, director